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We supply steel and stainless steel bar products for aerospace applications.

Strong & Versatile

We stock various aircraft steel bars, including stainless steel and alloy steel bars in different shapes and sizes.

Aerospace steel grades find considerable use in aircraft MRO in a broad range of engineering applications from structural to aesthetic.

Suitability & Uses

Aircraft steel, such as grade 4130, is commonly used to produce components. Stainless steels, including precipitation hardening steels, are more likely to be used in landing gears and structural parts. Stainless may also be used in more decorative applications such as trims.

Strength Considerations

Steel, in particular, is well known for its strength and finds extensive use in aircraft structures. However, steel is much denser than alloys such as titanium, so whilst strong, steel could add considerable weight to an aircraft. In this scenario, titanium and aluminium is often considered as viable alternative, since both alloys offer lightweighting possiblities.

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Steel vs Titanium

Steel is strong but much heavier than titanium.
Steel is known for its strength, but how does it compare to titanium?

Steel is cheaper and can be stronger than titanium but seldom is this the case. Titanium also offers better corrosion and temperature resistance. But the fundamental difference is density - titanium is far less dense than steel. It, therefore, affords a far superior strength to weight ratio, which is why we also stock titanium bars.

   Steel & Stainless Bars

Why choose Smiths MRO?

Our stock range includes the finest quality alloys selected explicitly to support the MRO sector. We recognise that an aircraft out of service is a huge cost; therefore, we stock the right products to suit your engineering requirements.

Our export team have a wealth of experience and organises the transport and paperwork to ensure you receive your materials on time.

With our continual investment in MRO-specific stock, we offer fast response times and often dispatch your order on the very same day.