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We process engineering raw materials including alloys and plastics in-house.

Experts in Export

Our dedicated export team are highly experienced in all forms of distribution. We will ensure you receive your order quickly and efficiently, irrespective of your global location.

Our expertise includes international and domestic shipping services, and our export team are highly proficient in both areas.


We supply to customers worldwide and work to accommodate their shipping preferences, including terms of packaging and paperwork requirements for import to certain countries.

Flexible Services

Our aerospace MRO customers often require parts packed at a maximum length suitable for shipment with a courier service, which presents no problems for us. We hold accounts with major couriers and work closely with international road and airfreight companies. We will arrange the shipment of materials. to you using our considerable knowledge of various global shipping services. Alternatively, we are happy to arrange to ship on your freight account if you prefer.

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Full Understanding

Our export team are comofrtable with all forms of paperwork.
Irrespective of whether we send your goods by air, sea or road, we are experienced in preparing all the necessary paperwork.

Our knowledgeable team is also proficient in the rules and regulations governing domestic and international shipping. We ship your goods quickly and efficiently without fuss, regardless of your desired delivery location.

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Why choose Smiths MRO?

Our stock range includes the finest quality alloys selected explicitly to support the MRO sector. We recognise that an aircraft out of service is a huge cost; therefore, we stock the right products to suit your engineering requirements.

Our export team have a wealth of experience and organises the transport and paperwork to ensure you receive your materials on time.

With our continual investment in MRO-specific stock, we offer fast response times and often dispatch your order on the very same day.