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We stock an extensive range of welding rods and locking wires for aerospace applications.

Wires & Welding Rods

We stock aerospace locking wire (also known as safety lock wire) used in aircraft maintenance to avoid fasteners from becoming loose.

Our range is mostly steel aerospace locking wire, in different diameters from 0.5mm to 4mm, which we supply on reels. Locking wire is a useful visual check that fasteners have been properly tightened. Our aerospace locking wire includes DTD 189A specification and also MS 20995.

Welding Rods

We also have a range of aerospace welding rods in various materials for various applications within aircraft MRO to the following specifications.

Aluminium Welding Rods
AMS 4180, AMS 4184, AMS 4185, AMS 4189, AMS 4190, AMS 4191

Nickel Welding Rods
AMS 5687, AMS 5786, AMS 5798, AMS 5832, AMS 5837, AMS 5966

Stainless Welding Rods
AMS 5680, AMS 5689, AMS 5692, AMS 5776, AMS 5784, AMS 5822, AMS 5825

Titanium Welding Rods
AMS 4951, AMS 4952, AMS 4954, AMS 4956

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About Welding Rods

Welding rods are used extensively in aerospace engineering.
Welding rods (also known as welding electrodes) are filler materials that weld metal pieces together.

Welding rods usually serve two purposes. Firstly, it acts as a filler material between the metal pieces to be welded and secondly, as a conductive material for metal arc welding. We supply rods from different alloys to cater to most welding applications in aerospace engineering.

   Material Range

Why choose Smiths MRO?

Our stock range includes the finest quality alloys selected explicitly to support the MRO sector. We recognise that an aircraft out of service is a huge cost; therefore, we stock the right products to suit your engineering requirements.

Our export team have a wealth of experience and organises the transport and paperwork to ensure you receive your materials on time.

With our continual investment in MRO-specific stock, we offer fast response times and often dispatch your order on the very same day.