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Bronze bars are often used in landing gear parts.

High Strength & Toughness

Smiths MRO stocks an extensive range of bronze alloys in the form of round bars, known for their high strength and toughness.

Bronze bars find significant use in landing gear parts on aircraft. The most commonly used bronze alloy for aerospace applications is aluminium bronze, which we stock in various specifications.

CA104 / BS B23 - one of the bronze alloys we hold in stock in a broad range. This British specification is related to DTD197A and often accepted as an alternative to the DTD specification. Our BS B23 stock in round bars ranges from 0.25” up to 8” in diameter.

AMS 4640 (C63000) - a nickel aluminium bronze and popular specification in the landing gear market. Again our range is in round bars from 0.5” up to 3” in diameter. We also offer other sizes with short lead times and offer the possibility to have these bars hollowed out if required.

AMS 4590 (C63020 TQ50) - a bronze usually available in solid round bar but maybe hollowed if needed. Our range is from 0.75” to 6” in diameter.

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Aerospace Applications

Bronze's unique performance characteristics are utilised well in the aerospace sector.
While aluminium, stainless and titanium are popular, bronze offers numerous benefits in aerospace engineering applications.

Typical applications for bronze include landing gear, hydraulic actuators, helicopter controls, instrument panels, bearings and static joints.

   Material Range

Why choose Smiths MRO?

Our stock range includes the finest quality alloys selected explicitly to support the MRO sector. We recognise that an aircraft out of service is a huge cost; therefore, we stock the right products to suit your engineering requirements.

Our export team have a wealth of experience and organises the transport and paperwork to ensure you receive your materials on time.

With our continual investment in MRO-specific stock, we offer fast response times and often dispatch your order on the very same day.